Cow lino print "Vacamundi"

32.00 EUR

"Cows have the world tattooed on their skin". Hand printed engraving with Charbonnel ink on natural Lokta paper handmade in Nepal. Limited series of 75 copies. Hand calligraphed phrase on each copy with graphite pencil. This phrase is a "greguería". The main promoter of the "greguerías" was the Spanish writer Ramón Gómez de la Serna. They are usually expressed in a single sentence that, in a somewhat surrealistic way, poetically describes some aspect of reality. Some examples:
- Doors get angry with the wind.
- Steam is the ghost of water.
- Milk is the water dressed as a bride.
- The children's balloons go down the street scared to death.
For this project, I have created several "greguerías" which I will translate graphically into an engraving. I will edit a limited a numbered series of each and handwrite the sentence one by one.
Each copy is different. As it is a manual printing on handmade paper, the result varies slightly, making each copy unique and unrepeatable. The handwriting also brings an added value and a very personal touch.
Frame not included.
Approximate dimensions: 210x297 mm. (A4)
Lokta paper, natural color, slightly cream. The colour of the paper may vary slightly depending on the print run as the paper is entirely handmade.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: For now I have made an initial print run of 5 copies. As sales are made, I will print several batches until I have 75 copies. Due to the drying of the copies and the manual calligraphy process, it may take a few more days to be sent. Anyway, I will try to be as proactive as possible and always have copies available for immediate shipment.