Honesty is the Best Policy - Handwritten Calligraphy quote

34.00 EUR

Although this proverb is considered to have been first uttered by Edwin Sandys, some sources attribute it to Benjamin Franklin. In any case, I believe that this is a great truth. I calligraphy these sheets one by one using the technique of brush calligraphy. I write each sheet by hand on Canson Montval watercolour paper of 300 gr./m². To write the quote I use high-quality professional watercolours of the brand Winsor & Newton.

Approximate dimensions: 210x297 mm (Din A4). The frame is not included. In the images where it appears I used a DIN A3 size frame with passe-partout.

Hand-cut paper edges.

Colours of the lettering may vary depending on the conditions and settings of the screen on which they are displayed.

Please note that I handwrite each of the sheets. The images shown are for guidance only, although I always try to conform as much as possible to the first picture I made. The line of the letters and the colours can vary since when I calligraphy them by hand the result is different. This makes each copy totally different from the others and gives it an added value.