Monarch butterfly linocut

34.00 EUR

Inspired by Rembrandt van Rijn's famous quote "Choose only one master: nature" I have created this linocut and hand calligraphed each of the prints. This is a limited and signed series of 100 copies.

I used a Copperplate calligraphy pen and walnut ink. To highlight the word "Nature" I used gold metallic watercolour ink.

The butterfly linocut is printed on 150 gsm Zerkall Intaglio engraving paper. This paper is very smooth and totally acid-free and pH neutral, making it perfect for printmaking and for calligraphy.

Due to the totally manual process of printing and hand calligraphy, each copy is totally unique and different from the rest. Because of this, the print you receive may vary slightly from the images shown.

Approximate dimensions: 21x30 cm. Frame not included.

Initially, I have made a print run of 5 copies. As they are requested I will be replenishing the stock and numbering them until reaching a total of 100.