Saxophonist linocut print

34.00 EUR

Linocut Print - Linoprint card of Saxophonist - Handprinted card - Printmaking - Lokta paper

"The sound of a saxophone is like love in the air." Hand printed engraving with Charbonnel ink and Speedball red ink on natural Lokta paper handmade in Nepal. Limited series of 75 copies. Hand calligraphed phrase on each copy with graphite pencil.

These linocuts are hand-printed one by one on Lokta paper handmade in Nepal. It is a light but very strong paper. It has a light cream colour and you can tell by its texture and feel that it is handmade. The colour of the paper may vary slightly depending on the print run.

I do the printing of the lino print art in two steps. First I print the saxophonist's part with black engraving ink. When it is dry I print the hearts with red ink. When all the ink has dried I write the phrase by hand and number each copy. This series consists of 75 copies.

Due to the manual printing process, each copy is totally different from the others, which is also contributed to by the manual writing of the phrases.

The approximate dimensions of this linocut art are 30x21cm (A4). As the paper is a natural paper that I cut myself by hand, these dimensions may vary slightly.

The frame is not included.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For now I have made an initial print run of 5 copies. As sales are made, I will print several batches until I have 75 copies. Due to the drying of the copies and the manual calligraphy process, it may take a few more days to be sent. Anyway, I will try to be as proactive as possible and always have copies available for immediate shipment.